PetBacker Sponsors FAQ

PetBacker Sponsor

Pet care providers who have subscribed to PetBacker Sponsor subscriptions enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your PetBacker Sponsor money will be spent back on advertising for your area to increase traffic to your listing, and increase job leads to you! Potential customers are also more likely to find you on search engines like Google.
  • Access to browse jobs function to accept jobs that are not matched to you.
  • Get a "PetBacker Sponsor" badge on your profile which gives users more confidence in the dedication of the Pet Service Providers and proof of credits (either has registered a bank account or credit card)
  • Create additional listings for your other services or branches.
  • List your services in more than one location, or to schedule sitting jobs in multiple locations when travelling
  • Get 200 credits to respond to jobs that have reached the maximum of 5 responses.

Pet Parents who have subscribed to PetBacker Sponsor subscriptions enjoy the following benefits:

  • Exchange 10 credits for a 10% discount on each pet care booking, up to a maximum of USD28.
  • Exchange credits for merchandise like collars, T-shirts, pet toys and more via our newsletter.

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Credits screen

Everyone is encouraged to get 10 free credits by introducing 3 pet lovers to sign up with PetBacker. (Where to add referral email?)

The credits can be used to

  • exchange for pet sitting with a discount
  • exchange for merchandise like collars, T-shirts, pet toys and more via our newsletter
  • pet sitters can reply to jobs even it has exceeded a limit of 5 responses (we set a limit of maximum 5 backers to reply to a job)

Pet care providers who are Sponsors will get 200 credits which can be used to respond to any jobs, even when it does not match the service type you offer and access to browse jobs function. 

No worries ^_^, non sponsor users still have a chance to response to job leads after a grace period given to sponsor users for negotiation.

If you need more information about credits, feel free to contact us in the "Talk to support" feature of the app.

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Get additional benefits and give your listing a boost with PetBacker Sponsor subscription. Here is what you need to do:

get PetBacker Sponsor

  1. Go to your profile page
  2. Tap on PetBacker Sponsor
  3. Choose and pay for the package you want.

That's it! Click here to find out what you get as a PetBacker Sponsor subscriber.

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Yes you can. Non paying pet service providers can still use Basic tier which lets you respond to a job as long as you are the first 3 to respond. The reason we do this is that we want to prevent spam as well as to protect our PetBacker Sponsor users who support us so that we have the fund to continue advertising and marketing to pet parents to give jobs to the platform.

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If you are a sponsor user and have used credits to respond to the job lead, we will refund that credit if you do not receive any replies. 

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If you are a sponsor user and have used credits to respond to the job lead, but were not able to get the job, you will not be eligible to get a refund on the credits used if the pet parent has replied you.

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PetBacker Annual Sponsorship Subscription fee is USD650. By subscribing as PetBacker Sponsor, you are able to quote up to USD 6,500 (Total Quote Value).

The PetBacker Sponsor Subscription package can be explained as follows:

If a pet care provider who is a PetBacker Sponsor has responded to a job request quoted for USD2000 (fair quote) and shared contact, we will deduct the quote amount of USD2000 from the Total Quote Value and the PetBacker Sponsor can still continue to quote for the remaining USD 4500 for all the other jobs and share contact with customers. If the above job request worth USD2000 has been booked on PetBacker platform where the PetBacker Sponsor has shared contact, we will revert back the Quoted amount of USD2000 to the remaining USD6500 where the balance Total Quote Value becomes USD6500 as the pet owner has made payment for the job. If the job request is not booked, then the deduction from Quote made will maintain.


What is considered as quoted amount

1. When you have shared your contact (it means that is already a Lead, and they can call you anytime)

2. They have shared contact but never placed any booking (because either you or them have contact number or address as a Lead for your own use)

3. Booked via Petbacker but cancelled booking (because you now have their contact number as a Lead for own use and it is more likely for them to book you in future)

4. If you have shared your Contact info in Profile (all the quotes and responses will be considered as quoted amount as they click the link to see your information, you also have exposure to others who call you directly based on our advertisements or when people browsing through the website such as

Things that are not included in the quoted amount

1. Pet Owner who has made full payment on the platform (we will deduct it from the quote as we have already taken the service fees)

2. You or the Pet Owner did not share contact (you quoted but none of you have shared contact, so they cannot find you so it is not considered a Lead)

3. You do not have any IG, FB or link or Phone outside (no contact info so we cannot consider a response as a Lead)

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